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Adios with Malai Laddu :)

Its time to say good bye to vacation..Me and kid enjoyed the long holiday while husband was back and got busy at work..Its time for us to join him....

It feels sad,it feels low, it feels upset for having to leave our parents and loved ones behind...But it feels great, it feels exciting, it feels wonderful to have to go on to our very own home...I guess everyone feels the same mixed emotions when its the end of vacation back at home town and will have to join husband back home..

Well,,im no exception...My 4 month long vacation has come to an end and its time to fly back...Time seems to fly real quick as the date progresses.....Packing up luggages,,shopping around and stocking up on goodies,,weighing suitcases laden with misc items ranging from pins to pressure cookers,,meeting up relatives,,goodbye to friends...Well,,excitement is definetely in the air...

Im excited to show my husband that our cute little kid is no longer a kid but has transformed to be a chatterbox...Well, u talk a word and she will use it back in the most appropriate way possible and im all surprise...

I sent her to school even in vacation and she made new friends at her playschool, though she went for a limited time...She had fun at school while i enjoyed blissful undisturbed holiday...She liked her teachers,,learnt slokas and rhymes,,learnt to write legibly,,wasnt a cry baby anymore...Well,,there are lots of things to distinguish her from pre and post vacation and im all happy about her...

Back home,husband is all work and has to take care of everything all by himself...Its real hectic if there is none to speak to atleast after you are home from a busy day...On top of it, it makes matters worse when u have to cook,do the dishes and laundry and none to help...Even kiddo is badly missing her dad and wants to join him asap..Every morning ,,first thing she asks is " is today the day we are flying back to daddy ? " Well,,the wait is almost over honey...:)

Well,,lets end this senti-loaded post with a sweet...Does anyone eat milk powder/dailry creamer as is? Well,,i do...Not the fat-free,utterly tasteless white powder but the sweet,smooth fatty milkpowder...

On the other day i asked for a 100g pack and my dad got 1 kg pack..It irritates me when i get more than what is asked for ( no,,its not boon always,,trust me :)  )...Im supposed to finish that as i am the only taker of that and i am not supposed to throw away any of it...What else am i supposed to do ? I made this laddus and thank god everyone liked...There are umpteen number of ways to make laddus but this is the fastest :)


Milk powder:- 250 g
Sugar:-200 g
Milk:-1 cup
Ghee:-1/4 cup


Mix everything and cook on low heat till it leaves the pan...Pour on a greased surface and let it cool..
Cut and serve or make laddus..


Besan Dryfruit burfi and a Tiny Tot bday celebration

We recently attended my niece's 3rd bday celebrations in blore..I wanted to make a sweet myself to gift to my brother’s family.
Well,, sweets are available everywhere now..Even the most exotic sweets are just a few clicks away..So to make and gift a besan fudge in this online era may sound silly but to me, to make something with all the love and attention to detail makes a striking difference..
It gives me utter satisfaction to make something with my very own hands, use the qualitiest ingredients available and in the comfort of my own kitchen.The moment our loved ones take a bite out of it and give a approving nod/smile, that’s when the real happiness engulfs all the very effort u put in making it…
So as I know my cute little niece is an ardent fan of nuts, I used mixed nut powder in making it…Roasted besan with nuts and cardamom powder, together in loads of ghee emanated a fanatastic aroma and flavors lingered for quite some time…
Once cooled I could get decent shapes and all the shapeless border pieces were gobbled by me..Don’t we taste-test before we offer to someone.?We all do that..Dont we ?  Well, to eat a little over-board under the name of taste-test was something not everyone does but me J
We had a nice party at my bro's place...Kids enjoyed the feast and zoe and my niece had a blast all together...It was big fun...Kids were after cake and chips for seconds..It was a simple yet fun-filled home party..

Zoe is a big time poori lover and gobbled nearly 3 pooris, all supposed to be my dad's dinner..He had to ask for more pooris, expecting to eat and zoe quietly finished them before he could reach out to them...

Cute little niece was always after me asking to tell her stories thru out our stay..She listens to me with wide eyes, mouth ajar as if imagining my audio version in video.She is such a cute little pie and I love her enthusiasm...Love you dear..May u celebrate many more happy birthdays ahead..

It took us quite sometime to get back to normalcy once we were back..The reason for the sluggishness is the to and fro journey..
Thanks to last minute reservations, we got to travel in AC sleeper bus...Well,, that sounds like a " not-bad" option unless u really experience it...Has any one experienced a 12 hr long roller-coaster ride??
Well, we had it...Almost close...Ours were the last berths in the bus and the bus seemed to flip us atleast a foot high even if it stepped on a pebble!!!!..So if its a speed breaker or an unexpected hurdle, I leave it to ur imagination...
It was a feeling of continuous churning in my tummy and I was like super active volcano ready to erupt...I know, it sounds gross but god, I had been thru that...I wasn't sure at first, if nausea was out of hunger or bcoz of tumultuous,swaying journey...Well,,the only saving grace was the dinner..The bus stopped at Kamat Hotel and the food was piping hot and delicious even at 10pm..
On top of it all, I had to share my berth with my nearly 4 yr old...She is a gem of a kind..Inspite of all this horrid journey, she slept like a baby, sleeping in a rocking bassinet all thru the night...Somehow we were home for diwali…It was one heck of a nightmare journey..

Here goes the quick recipe
Besan:-1/2 cup
Almond meal:-1/2 cup
Cashew meal:-1/2 cup
Sugar:-1 cup
Ghee:-1/2 cup
Cardamom powder:- ½ tsp

Heat ghee in a kadai and roast besan, almond meal, cashew meal one after other and set aside.
Boil sugar in little water and and mix well with besan mix without lumps.
Cook on slow flame until everything comes together and leabes the pan.
Spread on a greased plate and once cool, cut and serve.

See ya for now…


Boondi Laddu and a Diwali Celebration...

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Diwali...We are no exception and enjoyed well too...This was kiddo's first Diwali, not literally but technically.. :)  ..Well, at my place in US, we never fired crackers for Diwali but in india, Diwali without fireworks is unimaginable.

Zoe happened to be here in india for vacation during Diwali, hence this was her first Diwali to witness how it is actually celebrated...She was all excited to hear abt new clothes, goodies, fireworks..
My dad bought a generous bulk of fireworks and it is a norm to sundry them for the whole day to ensure they catch fire easily when lit....Also, we have to keep an eye to see if there is any sudden drizzle and safeguard the crackers...I used to follow the exact same routine years ago when I was of my kid's age and now looking at my kid doing all that made me nostalgic....

We got ready donning the bright new clothes, mom did a puja and we lit all diyas and candles and zoe was all the way behind her grandma finding out what exactly is going on and why was she doing that..

Finally when it was time to start crackers,I was little sceptical if she would dare fire them and I was right.The moment, the first cracker was set on fire, she was all screams and don't want to go near it...I knew it...Despite the fact that she was all excited, she was scared to see the dazzling light and sparkles...She sat inside seeing other kids enjoying to the core...


Well, whats Diwali without sweets? Since I was at my native place for the vacation , I had all the freedom to try out new recipes and I don't have the pullbacks like doing dishes or what-if-recipe-fails etc...I have lot of people around to share it with and im sure no matter how it looks or tastes,i get the appreciation..So with all that moral encouragement,i set to work to accomplish one of my much-awaited recipes, boondi laddu...Yes, a very popular,widely available sweet,yet I want to try myself.I must say the output was pretty decent inspite of it being my first trial...Now im sure I can master it the very next time I try...Here goes the recipe


Besan / Chana Flour :-1 cup
Sugar:- 1 cup
Nuts of ur choice
Baking soda:-a pinch
Oil:- to deep fry
Cardamom powder :-1/2 tsp


Mix besan ,baking soda with water like dosa batter...Neighter too thin like a flow nor too thick to pass thru a sieve.
Heat oil in a kadai and take a round slotted ladle and pour enough batter such that batter falls in oil as small droplets.
Fry them and drain on to a tissue and repeat process until all batter is done.
Boil sugar with little water in another kadai until it is fully dissolved and little sticky..No need to get any consistency.Add cardamom powder and mix all boondi in it and set aside for boondi to soak up all the syrup.
When the mix is still warm, add fried nuts and make roundals and let them cool completely before storing..



Vacation Time.....

Vacation to india---Doesn't that sound like holy words ? Well, to me, it's more than that..what could me more luxurious than to sit back n enjoy food coming to you ,  Eat to our hearts content, watch tv and doze off in the couch, Most important, dont have to do the dishes..Isnt it bliss ?

Right now, I'm in such heaven...This was a much awaited trip, specially for my husband who was visiting his parents after 4 yrs and me after 2 yrs...So both of us were super excited and so does our kid..She was excited to get on the plane. She was very young during her prior trips and now she was all set for her trip..She got her luggage trolly,which contains 3 toys and 2 storybooks!!!.

What could be more joyful to see a excited household? To me, this was more enjoyable, counting the days , packing and repacking, talk n giggle abt the trip, wat to buy , weigh the luggage, sheer excitement...well, I totally loved that..

Doesn't the joy multiply if a birthday comes in this ambience!!! Well, yes, it was my birthday on aug25 and guess wat...Husband couldn't get a cake as he didn't know the fact that it shud be preordered. Well, he could take the car and go to any regular store and get a cake but the super smart me will guess that something fishy was going on..Husband wanted to keep it as a surprise. So he n kid bought a pizza 🍕 as a surprise....Poor kid, she walked so long with her dad to get it. I did cut a birthday pizza..well, why shud it always be a cake 🎂 for the birthday 😃?

I totally loved it ..Doesnt that love and attention by family makes you feel extra special ? They wrote this cute little note on the board and kid was excited to count the number of hearts n stars dad drew for mommy 😃...

Isnt it the most cherished gift ? Well, to me ,gifts doesn't always have to be monetary . The black board message may be erased in the course of time, but it wont fade away from my heart..I truly cherish and remember such tiny yet cute gestures by my family..I would never trade this for any exotic gift...The twinkle in the kid's eyes and the efforts by husband to give a surprise is always priceless and precious..

At the end, husband bought a cake while returning from office..Well,, may be birthdays are not complete without a cake...Needless to say, kid gulped it down...She couldnt even wait till she takes a shower :)


More about the vacation in the next post...


Ragi vada

It's my long time dream to make round fluffy vadas with a perfect hole...Never did I master it nor am I confident that I can make it sometime in near future..I strongly believe it takes a wet grinder to make perfect fluffy vada batter...

Well,,for a small family like mine,I hav so far managed with my loyal mixie jar for all the grinding purposes.with that,I either get runny smooth batter or hard coarse batter..well, u get to make vadas but soft meduvadas is a distant dream..

I recently found a win win solution to this..I grind the batter with enough water to make a smooth batter and mix ragi flour or bajra flour to get vada consistency...Well,,the result is not very good soft meduvadas but good enough...

Here I mixed ragi flour and the Vadas are hard and crispy on outside but soft inside.Any deep fried batter together with onions,chilies should be does these vadas...

Urad dal:- 1/2 cup
Ragi flour:-1/2 cup
Salt:- to taste
Grated ginger,chopped chillies,chopped onions,chopped curry leaves:- as per taste
Soak urad dal for 4 hrs and drain water and grind to smooth batter with as much water as needed.
Add remaining ingredients and make vadas.
Delicious as is or with peanut chutney..



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